Drought Emergency

Mandatory limitations on potable water use and Stage 3 Water Shortage Rates remain in effect. Households must use no more than 4,480 gallons per week. Automatic sprinklers must be turned off until April 1. More information on water use limitations>>  

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    Keep your water use low

    In April and May, use automatic sprinklers no more than once a week. Other mandatory limitations are still in effect. More information >>

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    AquaHawk Customer Portal

    How much water are you using? AquaHawk can tell you! Sign up is fast, free and easy. >>

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    DSRSD tests accoustic tools

    Pilot studies assess structural integrity of aging water pipes, determine best time to replace them >>

  • Have your stored enough water to survive an emergency?


    A major earthquake could strike at any time. Every family can prepare by storing water. Read our guidelines and take action. >>

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    Ideas, rebates, resources

    Learn water-wise gardening from the experts at nursery talks, garden tours, and special events this spring. >>