• Frozen-Pipes

    It's frozen pipe season!

    Take steps now to insulate your hose bibs and other exposed water pipes. Learn what to do if you have no water after a hard freeze. >>

  • Recycled Water -Dublin-Street-Construction

    More purple pipes!

    We're extending recycled water pipelines to replace potable water irrigation at 35 Dublin sites west of I-680. Click for construction updates and traffic advisories. >>

  • Postcard-Collage-web

    AquaHawk Customer Portal

    How much water are you using? AquaHawk can tell you! Sign up is fast, free and easy. >>

  • Save-Our-Trees-Slide

    Are your trees dying of thirst?

    You can save water and save your trees! Click for helpful tree care tips from Save Our Water, plus more strategies and resources to get your garden through the drought >>